Thank you for your interest in proposing a new breadth course for degree programs at Humber.

Degree breadth courses provide students with an opportunity to augment their knowledge through an exploration of disciplines in areas of study outside of their core programs. Degree programs in the province of Ontario have a breadth requirement that “includes coherent and substantive non-core offerings.” These non-core courses should contribute to the achievement of: “a) critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, written and oral communication skills” and “b) knowledge of culture and society, and skills relevant to civic engagement.” Humber offers degree breadth electives, at both lower and upper levels, in the following three categories: 1) Arts and Humanities; 2) Society, Culture, and Commerce; and 3) Science and Technology. 


Step 1 – Preparation: 

a) Familiarize yourself with Ministry Requirements (Breadth Capacity Review Manual).

b) Consider the existing Approved Humber Degree Breadth Courses before proposing a new course.

c) In preparing your proposal, consider which of the 3 categories of Degree Breadth and which course level would be appropriate. More information about the categories is available here.

Step 2 – Fill out the Degree Breadth New Course Proposal Form

Step 3 – Associate Dean Consultation and Signature:  Consult with your Associate Dean to obtain department support.

Step 4 – Submission:  Once your proposal has the support of your Associate Dean, it can then be submitted to the Degree Breadth Committee at degree.breadth@humber.ca 

Submission Deadlines

The Committee will meet shortly after these deadlines to consider proposals. 

For help with the process, consult this more detailed guide or e-mail questions to degree.breadth@humber.ca